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The Special Quirks
November 25, 2017

Sometimes the hardest thing is coming up with an apt title for the stuff you are writing…at times there is a stroke of genius and there is that perfect title…more often it takes a while for me to figure out for myself what it is exactly what I’ve written to summarize it into few words.

Okay ! so figuring out titles is not exactly what I sat down to write…what I really wanted to write was about my love for movies, how much I enjoy watching a good movie just as much as I love reading an awesome book. I pretty much watch all sorts of movies except horror ( it’s simply not my thing ) However I’m quite sure it’s rather easy for one to guess what is exactly my kind of thing when it comes to movies from the jest of my writing…Romantic Comedies.

Rom coms have this amazing quality about them…They are rather simple, not pretentious in any way…you pretty much know for sure everything is gonna end well. Which is precisely why I love them so much ‘cause of its ability to re-assure me that everything will turn out well at the end, eventually. It’s never failed to make me hope for the best no matter how boring or mundane my life seemed while growing up, especially the teenage phase and early 20’s when you are pretty much figuring out life….which by the way is not really what you thought it is by the time you hit your late 20s and 30s ( I’m sure perspectives change again as we age ) but in between all this figuring out…rom coms have always soothed my soul and bought a smile on my face till date. That makes me a sound like hopeless romantic, maybe I’m one at the end of the day though I fiercely believe I’m a strong, independent, ambitious, woman.

For a while I thought my love for them would fade away once I found love, however, that’s not been the case which is when I figured out romcoms are not just about finding love, it’s much more, it’s about learning to hope and dream and to never give up no matter what. Life throws so much at you and sometimes it’s rather crazy out there when so many things weigh you down, which is when a good rom-com comes in handy, an instant fix to cheer you up, hope and dream a little and make you love your life all over again.


So how do I describe myself ? I'm Greeshma, currently a homemaker and mum to a lovely two year old girl...Someone whose always been passionate about writing, scribbling away in pieces of paper or making notes in my mind vowing to jot down every single line as soon as I get "time"...So this is me, making an attempt to follow my passion while juggling my baby girl, husband, family and household chores. Do join my journey and wish me luck as I let you dig into my little trove of dreams, musings and life as you know it...

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