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Hospital Bag Essentials while going for delivery & hospital stay

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November 25, 2017
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January 1, 2018

Hospital bag essentials while going for delivery & hospital stay


Comfy Nightdress / Clothes – Please choose the comfiest and loose fitting clothes you own even if it looks crappy because straight after delivery you’ll be least bothered about your appearance. Comfort and comfort alone shall be your 1st priority – trust me!

Long flowy cardigan – which you can throw over whatever you are wearing if you have visitors at the hospital.

Hairbands/hair clips – To keep your hair from falling over your face while you are in labour.

Bath Towels ( Soft & Fluffy )

Disposable underwear if required ( the hospital probably provides these )

Sanitary Napkins ( The cotton variety – you’ll probably have an episiotomy and it’ll be very uncomfortable down there so you do not want even the softest net gauge on the napkins irritating you )

Comfortable slippers ( choose flats )

Toiletries ( Moisturiser, Shower Gel, Face wash, Handwash, Toothpaste & Toothbrush – your hospital probably provides these but you would still prefer everything you are used to and comfortable with )

Camera, Phone, Phone chargers – ( goes without saying, you or your husband will be clicking lots of baby pictures )

Snacks, Water, Juice ( again you’ll be able to find it at the hospital stores but it’s always good to something you like within your arms reach…like I had a pretty long labour and was literally starving after my delivery and had to wait until my husband rushed to buy me something to eat once all the euphoria settled down )

Nursing Bra ( this one is kinda tricky, you pretty much won’t know how much your breasts grow once the milk comes in, so I would suggest getting only a pair if required…mostly you’ll prefer to go bra free for the 1st couple of days.

Nursing cover – again if you have intruding visitors

Nipple cream – this is probably the most essential thing ever…it was a total lifesaver for me…though no one tells you, the 1st couple of days or weeks of nursing can be hard and your nipples could be sore / chipped.

Favourite Music / Books – may seem irrelevant like I thought when I packed my iPad with my fav music and light reading but like I said my labour was pretty long, the music helped soothe me to a great extent while everything seemed so uncertain.

Makeup and perfume – only essential items unless you are too keen to have full makeup on.

Going Home dress – something to probably match the baby’s outfit so the pictures are pretty ☺


Bodysuits / sleepsuits – Newborn or preemie size ( hospitals could probably be cold for the baby so I suggest take only body suits which cover the legs too cos mine hated wearing socks initially, I don’t how but she used to manage to kick off her mittens and booties, so the body suits were preferred and used much more than the onesies )

Mittens / Booties

Baby caps – again my baby hated the cap too

Soft Blankets – to wrap them with and keep them cozy

Baby wipes – you’ll be needing loads of those…

Diapers – New Born ( recommend to carry two different brands cos the sizes slightly vary, the pampers newborn I had taken for my baby turned out to be a bit big for my child and we had to get a different brand, the additional diapers you buy shall never go waste cause you’ll be needing a lot of diapers )

Nail Cutters/clippers – surprisingly babies are sometimes born with enough nails which have to be cut right away, mine hated mittens so I pretty much clipped her nails the 2nd day.

Wash clothes

Burp Cloths

Baby wash gel

Baby Moisturizer

Soft Towels

Toys ( something very soft, light and small )

Receiving blankets

Going home outfits – something cute and comfy for the baby

Additionally please carry all the required paperwork
( Insurance, passports, marriage certificate, pens, file )

A laundry bag

And also essentials like a set or two of clothes and toiletries for whoever is going to be with you during the hospital stay.

Loose Change for vending machines

Car seat if required

PS: carry minimal jewellery or valuables to the hospital.

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