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November 25, 2017
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November 25, 2017

Sometimes I sit back and wonder where my love for stories come from…I’m literally addicted to a good story. Every time I read something nice or watch something sweet I feel enriched in some way or the other. It’s like a bit of goodness or understanding has been added to my soul. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been this way. Yearning to learn more…not like mugging up stuff but just to know a little bit more that it makes me understand life and all that surrounds it in a better way. The credit goes to my mum and grandmother, for they are the ones who used to tell me all those bedtime stories and encourage me to read.

It’s undoubtedly one of the fondest memories that come to my mind when I think about my childhood. Nothing can beat the feeling of being all snuggled up, listening to the comforting voice of my mum/grandma say a beautiful story with a simple message before drifting off to sleep. It guarantees a good nights sleep with peaceful dreams, considerably reducing the number of nightmares one has even as an adult.

To be honest, I don’t really recollect any of the stories they’ve told me in its entirety yet all that goodness has stayed with me. The morals or the messages in the story were often very simple yet profound. At a very young age my mind was conditioned to choose right from wrong, kindness from evil…so on and so forth and I feel the seeds of the kind of person I am right now was sown then through those charming stories. And that essentially is the power that bedtime stories hold I believe. It moulds you ( of course the content of what’s been imparted through stories matter, I don’t think any adult who thinks straight would tell a horror story to a child ) I cannot emphasis hard enough on how much the practice of reading or listening to bedtime stories impact reading habits as a child grows.

There is always some magic in stories I believe, whether you hear it, read it or watch it. Which is precisely why I love reading or watching movies, to revel in that very magic. If I could, I would still bug my grandma to tell me stories. Not to sound all preachy or patronizing …find the time & read to your child or tell them a story no matter how small they are…you are helping them build their character and opening up a world of imagination and their ability to think out of the box. Once they are ready to read…surround them with books rather than handing them an iPad or tablet. You are also inevitably creating warm memories with your child for you and them…no matter how old they grow…these special moments are hardly ever forgotten.

So what are you waiting for? Open up the horizons for your child and give them wings to fly.


So how do I describe myself ? I'm Greeshma, currently a homemaker and mum to a lovely two year old girl...Someone whose always been passionate about writing, scribbling away in pieces of paper or making notes in my mind vowing to jot down every single line as soon as I get "time"...So this is me, making an attempt to follow my passion while juggling my baby girl, husband, family and household chores. Do join my journey and wish me luck as I let you dig into my little trove of dreams, musings and life as you know it...

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