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Confessions of a hopeless romantic
November 25, 2017
Touched by an Angel
November 25, 2017

There are often some simple things that can manage to lift us up no matter how down we are feeling. Seemingly mundane things that might appear weird to a third party but totally normal for you, hence I like to call them my “quirks”.

The movie You’ve got mail, is my go-to comfort movie…I’ve probably seen it 1000 times but it’s got some sort of charm that manages to make me smile and make me believe…everything is going to be alright and it cheers me up and I’m up on my feet in no time.

Eating chocolate or ice cream is also a sure shot mood enhancer for some odd reason spanish green olives also do the trick for me.

A good book or a good song…always…always manages to make me happy and content.

Travelling and seeing new places…especially historic spots transport me and make me feel I’m part of a different era.

Warm sunny days with clear blue skies and a gentle breeze are also my thing. The sun kissing my skin and the breeze soothing my soul makes me feel like nature is hugging me and saying everything is just gonna be fine.

A barefoot walk along the beach, picking up beautiful shells…with the waves touching my feet also makes me super happy for no reason.

Making others happy or helping someone in some way (no matter how small ) also makes me happy. It makes me smile to see someone else smile.

Finding that perfect pair of shoes 😉 sometimes make me feel like diva…

Watching fireworks…always makes me happy and on top of the world.

Watching the musical fountain at Burj Khalifa. It makes my heart sing with joy.

Morning hugs from my husband, hugs from my child, hugs from my parents and sister, hugs in general…make me feel loved.

Last but not the least…My daughter’s smile and the sound of her laughter…there is nothing else that makes me feel happier. It’s pure and innocent. Her eyes sparkle and love echoes.

I’ve probably missed a couple of things but these are my top happy quirks…what are yours?

So how do I describe myself ? I'm Greeshma, currently a homemaker and mum to a lovely two year old girl...Someone whose always been passionate about writing, scribbling away in pieces of paper or making notes in my mind vowing to jot down every single line as soon as I get "time"...So this is me, making an attempt to follow my passion while juggling my baby girl, husband, family and household chores. Do join my journey and wish me luck as I let you dig into my little trove of dreams, musings and life as you know it...

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