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January 11, 2018
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How to clean stuffed / soft toys 🙂

Soft / stuffed toys are always precious because we often share a unique bond with them, they are a source of comfort, love and friendship and oh! so huggable 🙂 Most of us have that one special soft toy which is our absolute favorite, one which we hate to give up no matter how old and ragged it looks. I had one too which I was too afraid to wash ‘cos I was sure it would ruin its soft skin until I came across this little trick while I was reading a chicken soup book. It is pure magic ! ( Precisely why I had to share with you all ) I’ve been using this method since my teenage and now use it to clean all of my baby’s soft toys regularly. So please be assured it’s been tried and tested countless times.

Things you require –

  • Stuffed / Soft Toy 
  • Pillowcase or Bedsheet ( depending on the size of the soft toy you wish to wash )
  • Detergent ( Liquid or Powder – small quantity unless your toy is really soiled )
  • Rubber Bands or Hair ties

Steps to follow –

Place the stuffed toy you wish to clean in the pillowcase and secure or tie the opening with a rubber band or hair tie tightly making sure there is no chance of it coming off ( if the soft toy is bigger wrap it in a bedsheet and secure it the same way ensuring no part of the soft toy is exposed )
Place the pillow cover in the washing machine, setting the water level and detergent as required and wash as usual. Voila ! you have super clean and super soft stuffed toys which look as good as brand new once you are done washing and drying it.
This simple trick of covering the toy and washing it ensures the toy is just as soft as it always was.
You can wash several soft toys together in the washing machine in separate pillow covers if you are sure the colour won’t spread from one to the other.

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