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March 23, 2018
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The Essence of “Sudani from Nigeria

Honestly, I was not sure if I wanted to write about movies on my blog but I couldn’t help it because Sudani from Nigeria is not just a movie. It is so much more. This is not a movie review per se and I’m not a critique whose going to dissect every scene.

Without an ounce of glamour or pretentiousness, the movie is every bit beautiful. To be honest it’s beyond beautiful. It’s about humanity and friendship. Raw yet endearing in such a gratifying way.

In different ways without being preachy or patronizing, it drives home the message it takes only love, a little bit of kindness and compassion to make this world a beautiful place. It’s all about how we are to those around us. People we meet and how we treat them.

This movie somehow manages to put our lives into perspective and makes us wonder if we really need all that we are madly chasing. It also makes us feel immensely blessed and thankful for all that we have without being moralistic.

Every single relationship a human being should value is delightfully portrayed. It’s peppered with good humour, love and tolerance. One of the central character who is from Nigeria is fondly called “Sudu” without being racist ( short for Sudani cos they presume he’s from Sudan ). Yes, Indians can be racists too like people from any part of the world but this movie tries to project how it would be if we over-ride racism and treat people as…well you know humans.

Religious tolerance is also pivotal. The Nigerian guy who is a Christian is cared for by a Muslim family and neighbours who are predominately Muslims. It’s a refreshing and much-needed take because Islamophobia is rampant in today’s world. It focuses on how religion ( be it any ) is just a means to find inner peace and basically stresses the same values. Communal harmony being key to this.

It shows how initial inquisitiveness turns to care and genuine fondness. It teaches us human beings can connect even if there are linguistic and cultural barriers. Like I said earlier. All it takes is some love, compassion and humanity to reconnect in a world that is increasingly disconnected.

This movie with its quirky name has a star cast just as brilliant as the script and direction by Zakriya. Soubin Shahir ( Majid), the main lead is effortlessly natural, never misses a beat. Savithri Shreedharan & Sarasa Balussery Majid’s mother Jamila and her best friend Beeyumma respectively are seasoned performers who bring their A-game to the table portraying a friendship that is truly precious. Samuel Robinson has also done well and stood his ground among the nuanced performers in spite of the language barrier All in all the movie is packed with powerhouse performances. Not for a minute did I feel like I’m watching a movie. And mind you, this is not a football/sports movie…football just provides a backdrop for this amazing tale. Malayalam cinema undoubtedly churns out cinema that’s of international caliber. So in touch with reality.

I wish to write more but there’ll be a lot of spoilers. If, a heartwarming movie which truly focuses on empathy is your cup of tea…Then please do watch this beautiful tale…it’s now showing in Dubai and what’s even better it has subtitles. I highly recommend you watch this movie even if you are not a Malayali but enjoy good cinema.

P.S: This movie has no glitz and glamour…don’t go in expecting the Bollywood grandeur. Never the less, it’s thoroughly entertains and will keep you fully engaged. If you invest your time watching this film…it’ll soothe and enrich your soul, probably make you be a better person to create a better world.

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